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View Account Configuration
View Account Configuration displays the available tools and constraints for your account. Examples of the tools are EZ-PageBuilderTM, EZ-OrderTM, EZ-DirectoryTM, and EZ-BulletinBoardTM. Your allotted disk storage space and maximum number of EZ-AudioTM files are examples of constraints.

We have implemented a flexible configuration so that we can accommodate new tools such as EZ-AudioTM. EZ-AudioTM uses a technology developed by another company, for which ICServ must pay both one time and recurring fees. Consequently, we cannot provide these features without additional charges to our customers to cover our additional cost. In our efforts to make EZ-NetToolsTM an increasingly robust web development tool set we may partner with other companies. Sometimes, we will be controlling the distribution of some enhancements through your account configuration. As in the past, we will continue to enhance the tools you currently have at no additional charge.

The View Account Configuration page is divided into three sections: "Package Information", "Additional Tools" and "Constraints". You can quickly jump to any section by clicking one of the links below the "Return" button at the top of the page.
Package Information
The package information section shows what tool package has been assigned to your account and the tools that are part of that tool package. You must have a tool package in order to access your member account. If you do not have a tool package please contact customer support.
Additional Tools
The additional tools section shows what tools you may access in addition to the tools listed in your tool package. Generally, there are no additional tools. Additional tools allow you a greater level of flexibility. Visit www.EZNetTools.com or contact your reseller to see what additional tools are available to you.
The constraints section shows limits on your account. It also shows how much of that limit you have used. For example you may have purchased 2 EZ-AudioTM files and have actually uploaded 1. In this case you would see a limit of two and that you have used 1 under the "EZ-AudioTM Number" constraint. You may contact your reseller to have a limit raised if needed. (As of April 2002, all constraints except bandwidth and Email space will show both the limit and usages.)

 View Account Configuration