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Setup EZ-NetTools Email on your Android Phone (Lollipop)

To setup email you first need to get your username and other account information. If you don't know this information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and read Getting The Needed Information.

Setting Up IMAP On Your Phone

1. Go into your email and click Manage Accounts

2. Click the + icon

3. Put in your email and password

4.Choose IMAP

5. Important! Change the username. It should be your account number followed by a lower case letter (ie. x123456a)
the imap server should say imap.yourdomain.com

6. Change the outgoing port to smtp.eznettools.net

7. The next screen has optional settings. Change what you want, and then press Next.

8. If desired, change the account name and display name. Then press Done.

That's it! If you are having trouble editing a current account, you might delete it and start over, following these instructions.

Getting the Needed Information

1. Log into your EZ-NetTools account and go to Setup Email Accounts

2. Click on the gear next to your email account

3. A new window will open up with custom information just for your account. Scroll down and you will find the box with with mail server data. This is the info you will be using to setup email on your phone.


 Setup Email 
 Mail Client Setup