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How to Setup EZ-NetTools Email on your Android Phone

I. Getting the Needed Information

1. Log into your EZ-NetTools account and go to Setup Email Accounts

2. Click on the gear next to your email account

3. A new window will open up with custom information just for your account. Scroll down and you will find the box with with mail server data. This is the info you will be using to setup email on your phone.

II. Setting up your Android Phone

1. From the home screen press the navigation icon

2. press System Settings

3. Choose Accounts & sync

4. Press Add Account

5. Choose Email

6. Choose Other

7. Enter your Email Address, and password. Then press Next.

8. Choose POP3

9. Change the email Address to your email account name. It will be your account number with a letter at the end. (For example: x123456a)

10. Under POP3 sever, change pop3 to mail (for example: mail.starsdance.net)
Your screen should look something like this...

11. Click Next.

12. Change SMTP server to smtp.eznettools.net smtp01.eznettools.net

13. Change the port to 25 587

14. The setting should be as follows:
SMTP server: smtp01.eznettools.net
Port: 25 587

Security Type: None
Authentication Method: Auto
Username: Your Email Account Name
Password: Your Email Password

15. Choose desired Notification settings and press Done


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