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Constraint Enforcement
Edit Constraint Enforcement allows you to edit the enforcement type of selected constraints on your account. It also shows you the limit and used values for each constraint. Some examples of constraints are the amount of disk space you are allowed for storing your files and the number of EZ-Audio files you are allowed to upload to your account.

There are two types of constraint enforcement types:

· Enforced
· Ballooning

These enforcement types control whether you will be allowed to exceed your constraint limit or not.

If your constraint enforcement type is set to Enforced, you will not be allowed to exceed the limit specified for that constraint. This can be advantageous if you do not want to risk incurring additional fees for exceeding your limit, however it may become inconvenient for some of your constraints. If you find that an enforced limit does not meet your needs you may contact your reseller to have the limit raised.

On the other hand, you may set a constraint to be Ballooning. With this option, you will never be restricted to limit specified for the constraint. This can make things very convenient. For example if you have a limit of 10 web pages, and all you find that you need 11 web pages you wouldn’t need to contact your reseller to have you limit increased; you could just continue on with your work. However, if you do exceed your limit you will incur additional fees for the extra usage. Your reseller can provide you with prices for additional usage.
Editing Enforcement Types:
You may edit a constraint’s enforcement type by selecting the desired value from the drop down list in the Enforcement Type column. Once you have set all of the enforcement types to the desired value, click the Save button to save the changes. While editing the enforcement types you may click the Reset button to return the enforcement types to their original values and continue editing the types.

If the enforcement type is displayed next to a constraint without a drop down list, the constraint enforcement type has been set by a member of your upline and you cannot change the enforcement type. If needed, you may contact your reseller to raise your limit, change your enforcement type, or to allow you to set the enforcement type for the constraint.

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