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Domain Manager

The Domain Manager tool lists the domain names associated with your account, provides additional information for each one, and allows you to set up the official address the system will use to locate your pages.

To access Domain Manager, click the Administrative Tools tab of your Member Tools. Click on "Domain Manager."

The Domain Manager lists domain names that are attached to your account, and also the current Homepage URL that the system uses to generate links back to your Homepage. A domain name is a simple way for customers to find your website (such as "www.eznettools.com"). There is no limit to the number of domain names that can be associated with an account. To learn how to register a domain name, click here.

My Domain Names
The My Domain Names section contains a list of domain names currently associated with your account. Each domain name has a "Display" link that will query the WhoIs database for your domain and display a full listing of information regarding that domain. Here, you can check the contact information, expiration date, and Name Servers for your domain name. If available, the Domain Manager will also display the date that your domain names expires.

This section also lists your sub-domain associated with your account, and the explicit location of your account in the form /D3#####/X3#####. Both of these sub-domains are free and are required for your account. Typing any of these in the address bar of your browser allows you to locate your Homepage.

Homepage URL
Specifying a Homepage URL allows the system to generate valid links that direct back to your homepage and other system links (such as links to EZ-Catalog pages or images located in the EZ-FileManager) within your website. The Homepage URL is a base path, or reference directory to the web location of your "index.html" page. You must have an index.html file located in your EZ-NetTools /home directory so the system can properly locate and display your Homepage. The system adds to this base path in order to create other valid system links. Each time you use the EZ-Browse function, the system will use the base path to generate a fully qualified web URL. Homepage URL provides these methods for specifying your Homepage.
  • Basic URL - This is the simple location of your Homepage. From the EZNetTools document root, your webpage is located in a directory specified by your Reseller, and a subdirectory specified by your account. Choose Basic URL if you don't mind all this information being displayed always in the address bar of visiting web browsers.
  • Subdomain Name - When your account was created, it was assigned a symbolic directory with an easy-to-remember name to simplify navigation to your website called the subdomain (instead of /D3#####/X3#####). If you would like to change your subdomain name, click the configure link for the Subdomain Name option. You may then edit and save your new subdomain name. If a subdomain name has already been selected by another customer, you will not be able to use that subdomain name.
  • My Domain Name - If you have registered a domain name and contacted Technical Support to have them point this domain name to your account, you can choose your new domain name from the My Domain Name option. Although you may setup several domain names to your account, only one can be the official Homepage URL. Click the configure link for the My Domain Name option, select the appropriate domain from the list provided, and then click the Save button
  • Other Domain Name - If you would like customers to be directed to a location outside the EZNetTools system you can specify the location by using the Other Domain Name option. Click the configure link to change this value. If you specify a location for your Homepage URL that is outside of the EZNetTools system, many of your system links may not work.
Once you have completed making changes in Domain Manager, save the changes by clicking on the Save button at the top or bottom of the screen.


 Domain Manager