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Download Orders
The Download Orders screen allows you to save and organize a record of your orders you have received. This option allows you to save your orders on your computer by downloading them to be used in a spreadsheet or text document on your hard drive. The record is saved as a .txt file. This file type can be used with most spreadsheets, but since it is a text document, you can change the file type to whichever format you like.

Download Orders is accessed through the Administrative Tools Screen.

What to Download: With the drop-down menu, you can choose what type of information you would like to download about your orders. You are given five options to choose from (you will also be given another chance to specify exactly what you want to be downloaded):

Order Headers File: This will allow you to download information pertaining to the actual order that was processed. This includes the order number, shipping information, purchaser information along shipping and billing information, and credit card information.

Order Items File: This will allow you to download information pertaining to your ordered items.

Item Attributes File: This will allow you to download information about the optional item attributes.

Order Comments File: This will allow you to download the comments entered by the customer as they are processing their order.

All: This option allows you to select all of the above information to download.
Orders of Status: With the drop-down menu, you can select which category you wish to download your orders from: New, Backorders, Fulfilled, Archived, or Cancelled. *Note: You may only download one category at a time.

File Format: These two options determine what format will be used to create the file.

Compatible w/Excel, OpenOffice, etc.: This will create the downloaded file so that it is compatible with popular spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. The Remove double quotes from data check box removes any double quotes (") from the data in your orders before creating the file.

Custom Format: This option allows you to specify such options as the Delimiter and the Text Qualifier used to create the file. These options are defined below:

  • Delimeter: This will tell your spreadsheet how your orders information will be separated. Most programs use comma separated values as the delimiter, so this is set as the default.

  • Text Qualifier: Some spreadsheet programs save information with a text qualifier, usually double quotes ( " ). If your spreadsheet uses a text qualifier, type in the character it uses next to Text Qualifier field.

First row to contain field names: Select "Yes" if you would like to include the field names as column headings in your spreadsheet. Select "No" if you would not.

Click the ‘Submit' button to proceed to the next step in downloading your order.
You will be brought to a page with the heading Export to your computer – Please Select fields to include. You will then see a list with checkboxes descending down your page. Select which particular fields you would like include in your download.

Download File: By clicking on "Download File" the file will be downloaded to your hard drive where you can import it into your address book or spreadsheet. If the file is opened in your browser, use your browser to save the file to your hard drive. Go to your browsers "File" menu and select "Save As". Be sure to save the file as a text document and not as an html page. You can then open the file in your spreadsheet, but you may need to tell your spreadsheet program that it is a comma (or other character) delimited file.

 Download Orders