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A Note On Passwords
A password is necessary for many of our tools. The 'Change Password' link under the Administrative Tools menu allows you to modify your password for your member account. Many secure websites require a login and password. Separate passwords are also required elsewhere in the system such as EZ-Affiliate.
To change your account password, click on "Change Password" link from the Administrative Tools tab of your Member Tools. To change your password for specific system tools such as EZ-Affiliate, follow the instructions provided with that tool.

In the both password fields, you should see ****** displayed. To change your password, type in your new password in the top field. Now retype your password in the field below labeled, Retype Password. Your password needs to be 4-8 characters long. For security reasons, we suggest that you use both alpha and numeric characters, both capitalized and lowercase for your password.

A password is your security key to access different system tools. If you forget your password, you will need to contact Customer Support.

Following are some password do's and do-not's.
  • Choose a password you can remember so you don't have to write it down. If you write it down keep it in a secure location.
  • Use a combination of characters in your password. Use letters AND numbers.
  • Change your password on a regular basis to reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account.
  • Use both uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • Be protective of your password.
  • Choose a different password for each separate tool where you are required to have a password.
  • Do not post your ID and password together with their login URL.
  • Do not post your ID and/or password on your computer monitor or in your computer desk drawer.
  • Do not use a familiar proper name or hobby as your password to reduce the risk of someone guessing it.
  • Where possible, choose not to use a null password. Passwords are typically 4-8 characters long.
  • Do not give your password away.
  • Do not simply use common number replacements for letters. (Example: 1 in place of I or 3 in place of E)
  • Do not use repeated characters, characters in alphabetical sequence, or characters in sequence on the keyboard.
  • Your password should not be the same as your account number.
People who attempt to maliciously gain access to a computer system,referred to as hackers. Often gain access through a valid member's ID. To ensure against malicious access to your account, please follow the above guidelines.

 A Note on Passwords