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Coupon Usage Report


The Coupon Usage page checks all of your orders and creates a subtotal by the coupon code that was entered by the customer during the shopping experience.  If you have deleted any orders, they will not be included in the totals.

There are two ways to get to this report.  One way is though the link on the EZ-Coupon page.  The second way is through the “Order Statistics” link on the Administrative tools menu.


Print.  Clicking on this button will cause a “printer friendly” version of the Coupon Usage report to be sent to your default printer.

Return.  Returns you to where you came from.

Help.  Brings up the help text for the Order Statistics page.

Date Range

The system will default to display the coupons used in the last month.  You can change the date ranges to be included.

From: Enter the beginning date of the range you want to view.

To: Enter the ending date of the range you want to view

Display button: Click on this button to cause the system to display the coupon usage for the date range you specified.

Display all: Click on this button to display all coupons used in all orders in your system.

Table Columns

Coupon Code: The code you assigned the coupon.

Title: The title you assigned to the coupon.

# Orders: The count of the number of orders that used the coupon during the date range specified.

Order Total: The total amount of the orders that used the coupon before the value of the coupon was deducted.

Discount: The total amount of the coupons that were deducted from the orders.  Note, that amount of shipping charges that were given away was not computed nor stored.  Therefore, the amount of the free shipping is NOT included in the discounts.

Net Revenue: The difference between the columns of Order Total and Discount.  This is the net amount of the orders.

Refer to the course in EZ-NetU for more information.  Click here.


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