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EZ-Order Has Been Integrated as Part of EZ-Catalog
The EZ-Order option allows you to change the configurations pertaining to your secure online order form. It includes the ability to specify attribute fields, apply sales taxes for different states and countries, select types of currency or weight measurement that apply to your region, change comments on your order form, and view your online form as a customer would see it.

To access the EZ-Order option, select the 'Construction Tools' tab and click 'EZ-Order'. You will be brought to the EZ-Order menu which will display the following options:

Edit Price List: This will link to the price list as it is set in the EZ-Catalog.

Edit Optional Fields: This will add a Column on each line of the order form where the customers select items. You can add different options such as size, color, etc. If you select the 'On' radio button for one or both of these fields, you will add a column (or two) on the right side of every item. Type in your added option and enter the width of the field (limited to 40 characters).

Edit Sales Taxes: This will allow you to edit the sales tax for the country and/or state for your purchasers' shipping address.

Regional Settings: This option allows you to set the type of currency for your orders as well as units of weight.

Order Form Comments: Here, you can personalize some comments that will appear on the system-generated order pages. You may also create a custom message that will appear on the Email receipt after the customer orders.

View Order Form: This button will take you directly to your order form.

Main Menu: This button will return you to the Member Tools menu.