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Basic Calculation

The Basic Calculation Method configuration menu allows you to calculate secure online order shipping costs by a Flat Rate, Percent of Subtotal, Coded Amount Per Item, Amount Per Item (based on quantity), Amount Per Weight, or by a Basic Sliding Threshold scale. It also gives options for shipping Add-Ons such as Same-Day or Next-Day delivery and International Shipping

Access Basic Calculation
You can access the EZ-Shipping menu by clicking the "EZ-Shipping" link under the Construction tab of Member tools. Click "Shipping Configuration" to access the EZ-Shipping Configuration menu. At the bottom of the EZ-Shipping Configuration menu under the heading "Calculation Methods" click the "Configure" link next to the Basic option.

Select the radio button to the side of the option you wish to use:

  • Flat Rate - Charges the same fee per order regardless of item quantity or cost. Enter the flat rate price in the text field.
  • Percent (%) of Order Subtotal - Adds a shipping fee based on a percentage of the order subtotal. You can also specify a base rate, and then the percentage of the order subtotal will be added on top of that. Specify the percent in decimal form (.05 = 5%) and the base rate in the text boxes.
  • Coded Amount Per Item - Allows you to set a specific shipping cost for each item. When this option is selected, an additional field called Shipping appears on the Edit Item page for each item in your Catalog. The amount entered in this field will be the shipping amount charged for that item. Note that this amount will be applied regardless of the quantitiy of the item ordered. If you enter a zero, then shipping will be free for that item. You can also specify a base rate, where each product's associated shipping cost will be added to that rate. You specify the base rate in the text field provided in this option in the Shipping Configuration.
  • Amount Per Item (based on quantity) - This model differs from the above method in that you specify a single cost below and that cost is multiplied by the number of items sold. You can also specify a base rate, and then the quantity of items multiplied by the amount specified will be added on top of that. Enter the amount per quantity and the base rate in the provided text fields.
  • Amount Per lb/kg - This method multiplies the weight of the order by the amount specified for the shipping cost. You can also specify a base rate, and then the weight of the order multiplied by the amount specified will be added on top of that. This is calculated independent of handling costs.
  • Single-Method Sliding Scale - EZ-Shipping sets a given shipping fee for orders up to (and including) each threshold. The threshold trigger can be dollar amount, quantity, or weight. Start at the top with the smallest threshold, and fill in as many thresholds/fees needed. The last shipping fee will also apply to orders larger than your last threshold. Choose the threshold trigger with the drop-down box. Be sure to include a title, and complete as much of the table as you need to with the threshold to the left and its corresponding fee to the right.