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UPS Calculator

The UPS Calculator configuration menu allows you to calculate secure online order shipping costs using the same methods that are used by UPS to calculate shipping costs. This method is based on the weight of the shipment and the location that you are shipping from and to. In order for the calculator to be used, you must specify the zip code that you are shipping from in your contact information, and you must specify a weight for each item.

Access UPS Calculation
You can access the EZ-Shipping menu by clicking the "EZ-Shipping" link under the Construction tab of Member tools. Click "Shipping Configuration" to access the EZ-Shipping Configuration menu. At the bottom of the EZ-Shipping Configuration menu under the heading "Calculation Methods" click the "Configure" link next to the UPS Calculator option.


  • Select Pickup/Drop-off - Select whether UPS picks up from you daily or if you will take packages to a UPS drop-off location.
  • UPS Shipping Methods - Select which shipping methods you will allow customers to have their orders shipped by. Some shipping methods are not available for all locations.
  • Shipping Exceptions - This is used as the shipping cost if, for some reason, the shipping amount cannot be obtained from UPS. This will also be used if the shipping methods you have selected are not available to the shopper's destination. Only under unusual circumstances will this option ever be used.