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Create and manage the Categories of interest where your customers will post their messages. When the Category page first opens you will notice a table that shows the information for each category in your bulletin board.

Name - The name field is simply the Name of each category.

Topics - This number represents how many topics have been added to that category.

Replies - Replies shows the number of replies that have been posted within the category.

Add - Click on this button to add a new category to your list.

Category Name: Enter the name of the category you would like to create. Unlimited characters allowed.

Description: This description appears on the first page of the bulletin board and is used to describe what this category is all about. Unlimited characters allowed.

Header: Here type in text you would like to appear just below the title of the category and the navigation links belonging to that category. Unlimited characters allowed.

Footer: The text entered here will appear above the global links and “For More Information” section.

Submit: Save the changes you have made.

Return: Return to the category menu without saving.

Edit - First select the category you would like to edit by clicking on the radio button to the left of the category then click the edit button. The page for edit is very similar to add except that when the page opens the current information should be displayed and the submit button will only update data and not create a new category.
Delete - Click on the radio button to the left of the category you would like to delete and hit the delete button. A page will open asking you if you are sure you want to delete this category. Choosing “Yes” will permanently delete the category and all it’s contents. Choosing “No” will send you back to the category menu without any changes being made.

Return - Click this button to return to the EZ-BulletinBoard Main Menu.