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Control the appearance and function of your bulletin board with titles, colors, links and other display and settings options. Below is a description of each option or setting and how to use them.

Title – This is the title of the entire bulletin board and will appear on every page. This field will accept all types of characters

Title Font Color – Use the EZ-ColorPicker to specify what color you would like your title to appear in. If you already know the name or code for this color you may enter it in the text box without using the ColorPicker (Do not forget the # symbol before the code).

Title Size – Select from font sizes 1-7 of how large you would like your title to appear. Size three is a standard 12pt. Font.

Title Bold - Select “On” to make the title bold and “Off” for a title without bold.

Header Background Color - On each Bulletin Board page there is a table which displays the categories, topics, and messages within your bulletin board. At the very top of each table is a row of headings, which label each column. The Header Background color lets you place a Background color for that row of headings. Leaving this option blank will leave the headings row without a background color.
Header Text Color - Use the EZ-ColorPicker with this option to set the color of the text within the header rows of the tables in your bulletin board. If this option is blank the text will default to black.

Body Background Color - This feature allows you to specify a background color for the bodies of the tables that appear in your bulletin board. Use the EZ-ColorPicker to find and select the color you want. The table bodies will have no background color if this option is left blank.

Body text Color - Here you may use the EZ-ColorPicker to select the color of the text that appears inside the body all the tables in the bulletin board. This is a great way to create contrast by adding a light colored text on top of a dark background. Leave this option blank to use the default black color for the text.

Table Border - The table border will create a beveled border that will appear around your table and in-between each cell. This will appear when you specify a width in this text box. A standard width is usually about 3 pixels. The maximum border width allowed here is 99.

Table Width - This feature controls the width of the entire table that is displayed on each page of the bulletin board. When this field is left blank the table will adjust to fit the largest line of text within it. The table will also expand to the boundaries of the page. This feature is best used if you have a very large line of text that is causing the table to extend off the edge of the page. By setting the table size to around 400 the table will shrink to that size and the text will wrap down to the lines below itself.

Body Text Size - Set the size of the text that appears in the body of the tables in your bulletin board. Choose from sizes 1-7, three being the size of a standard 12pt font.
Order to Display Lists - Select one of the four options described below to control how your topics and messages will be sorted.

Topic/Category: Sorts the Categories and Topics alphabetically within their tables.

Topic Starter: The Topics are sorted alphabetically based upon the name of the person who started the topic.

# Topics/ # Replies: The Categories will be sorted in descending order based on the number of topics they contain. So the category with the most topics will be listed first. The category with the second most will be second and so on. The topics however, will be sorted in descending order based on the number of replies they have received.

Date: The Category which has had the most recent change made to it will appear first, the category with the second most recent changes will appear next and so on. The topics will also be ordered by which has had the most recent change made to it. A change consists of a reply, topic, or category having been added.

Numbers of messages per page - Select how many messages you want to appear on each page ranging from 10 to 100. This is extremely helpful if you want to prevent scrolling or numerous clicking to see the next page.

Number of days to be new - When a category or topic is added it is immediately marked as “New” by a graphic with the words new in it. This graphic is placed to the immediate left of the category or topic. The new status remains until the number of days selected in this option has expired.
Moderated - To have your bulletin board moderated means to preside or control it. Use the on/off selections to activate or deactivate moderating on your bulletin board. When moderating is activated, you as the owner or (moderator) of the bulletin board must approve every topic that is posted on the bulletin board. This is good to keep others from getting free advertising on your bulletin board or to block out messages that are inappropriate or that don’t match the theme of your Web site. Selecting the “no” option will cause all topics to be automatically added to the bulletin board without your approval. No matter what option you choose you can always edit and delete any message or topic on you bulletin board.

Return URL - Here enter the address of where you would like the “back” button on the first page of the catalog ( the categories page ) to link to.You may also use EZ-Browse here to find a file on your account to link the back button to.

Text at top of page - Here you may enter in text that will appear at the top of the page. There is no character limit in this field.

Text at top position by title - This option controls the location of the text from the text at top of page feature. It can either be placed above or below the title which is entered using the Title text box at the top of the page.

Text at bottom of page - This allows you to enter in text at the bottom of the page above the global links and “For More Information” area. This text field is unlimited.

Submit - Saves your changes

Return - Return to the EZ-BulletinBoard Main Menu without saving.