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The EZ-SpellChecker was created to assist you in spellchecking errors in your web sites. You will usually find this button on most blocks in the EZ-PageBuilder™ that have text, description, or alt text fields.

To activate the EZ-SpellChecker, click the "Spell Check" button provided. A new window will open up and the spell checking will begin automatically. If the SpellChecker finds a misspelled word, you will see a short except from your text, with your misspelled word highlighted in red. You will then have the following options:

Enter New Spelling: Your misspelled word will display here by default. You can change the text manually by typing the corrected word here. Then, click the appropriate button as described below.

Suggestions: This box will provide you with some suggested spelling corrections. Just select the correctly spelled word. This word will then replace the misspelled word in the "Enter New Spelling" field. Click the appropriate button as described below.

Buttons: Use these buttons to modify or leave your misspelled word alone.
Change: Click this button to change the misspelled word to the correct spelling.
Ignore: Use this button to to the SpellChecker to ignore the currently misspelled word and more on to the next.
Ignore All: This button will ignore the misspelled word for the current word and all subsequent words like it in the current document.
Close: Use this button to close the SpellChecker without making anymore changes. Any corrected spelling made before you use this button will remain changed.

Once the Spell Check has been completed, click the "OK" button to close the window and return to your page with the corrected spelling.