EZ-NetTools Customer Support

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Below is a short description of the different utilities available in the EZ-NetTools™

EZ-Browse - The EZ-Browse provides a quick and easy way to find a file throughout the EZ-NetTools™ system. It is a smaller and limited version of the EZ-FileManager. You can also use EZ-Browse to open files in PageBuilder, to save, upload, and delete files; directories can even be created here.

EZ-Color Picker - This tool helps you quickly find the colors you need when using EZ-NetTools™ with color options.

EZ-SpellChecker: You will find this tool wherever you have text fields. Use this feature to spell check all your text.

Font|Color|Size - This is exclusively an EZ-PageBuilder™ option. You can edit the font face, color and size using the Font|Color|Size tool.

Form.cgi: We have provided you with a cgi-script that will allow you to create your own form and have that form be e-mailed to the specified address.

First API: This feature allows you to create a custom order form which allows you to specify different attributes for you products.