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The Search Engine Tools provide a great way to promote your site to the world. When people go to any search engine looking for a product or service, they type in keywords for that service. They will then get a list of web pages that cover the desired information. These pages are listed because they have keywords set up on their pages in a place called META Tags. If you want people to find your web site, service, or products, you need to first create META Tags on the pages you want to have found in search engines. Click here to learn more about META Tags. Once these META Tags are set up, you can then use the Search Engine Tools to submit your pages to the search engines.

To access your Search Engine Tools, go to your Promotion Tools box on your Member Tools page. Select 'Search Engine Tools' and click the 'Go' button. You are now at the Edit Promotion Information page

Adding a Page: Since you have not set up any pages in this tool yet, click on 'Add A Page'. This will take you to the Add a Page screen. Enter in the title of your page that you are going to submit. This can be anything and is only for your use. Next, type in the page name with its .html extension in the field labeled 'URL'. For example, if you wanted to submit your Main Page to the search engine, you would enter 'Home Page' for the title, and 'index.html' for the URL. Click 'Submit' to add this page to your list. You will get a screen saying it has been added. Click the 'Back' button to go to your Search Engine list. You can now continue adding pages to your list. If at any time you want to edit or delete a page, click on the 'Edit' or 'Delete' buttons to update your list.

Submit to Search Engines: Once you are finished adding pages, you should see a list of them in your 'Edit Promotion Information' table. We can now submit one of your pages to the search engines. Click the 'Submit to Search Engines' button next to the page you wish to submit at this time. This will bring you to the Submit to Search Engines page. This page will also display a table.

Search Engine: Under this Header, you will note that the table lists about 10-13 different search engines. This list represents today's current top search engines.

Visit: By clicking this link, your browser will open another window and go to the home page of that Search Engine site. You can use this to type in the keywords that you have placed in your META Tags to see which sites currently come up. When you are finished visiting the site, just close the window that the search engine pages are in. Your EZ-Net Tools Search Engine Tools window should still be open.

Submit: To submit your page to a particular search engine, click the 'Submit URL' link next to the appropriate Search Engine. Again, this link will also open another window, but this time, you will be taken directly to the page where you can submit your page.* You will now need to follow that search engines instructions for submitting your page. Each search engine will have different directions. Be sure that you use the exact URL for your page with its proper extension (.html, .htm). You can use your domain name if you have one registered, your subdomain name (http://abc.eznettools.net/"yourSubDomain"/"yourpage".html), or the address using your ID numbers (http://abc.eznettools.net/D300002/X300002/yourPage.html). Once you have finished submitting your page to this particular site, close the current window that opened for you. You should now be back at your Submit to Search Engines page.

Update Date: Now that you have submitted your page to a search engine, you should now record the date that you submitted this page. Click on the 'Update Date' button. This will place the current date in the Submit Date column (The date comes from our servers). This feature allows you to keep track of the last time you submitted your page to this particular search engine. Some search engines do not like you to submit your page too often. Be sure to find out each search engines preference on how often you can submit your page to their site. You can now complete your search engine submission by submitting more pages to other search engines.

* We try to keep these links as current as they can be, but some search engines change their pages around or discontinue their service. If you are not taken to the page where you can submit your search engine, try finding a link on that page that says something like, "Submit A Site". When you have found their 'Submit' page, contact Customer Support and inform them of the changes.

Related Information
In early 2000, submitting your pages to different search engines was free and very simplified. Since then, things have changed. In submitting your site, you may have noticed that most services and no longer free. With the increasing demand to get a web site listed, most companies have found it necessary to provide a service to review your pages and rank your site. These services, although given for a price, are done quite professionally.

You will also notice that some search engines have the same prices and the same services. For example, if you were to at the submission services at AltaVista, Excite, and MSN, you will notice they look exactly the same, all with a Basic or Express Submit. This is because these companies have partnered with the LookSmart Network, a company created specifically for reviewing and ranking web sites. In this case, if you choose to submit a site with AltaVista, you will not need to submit to MSN, because LookSmart has already done it for you.

We are finding that the most successful web sites spend time to submit their pages to the search engines, provide a quality link trade page and continue to use traditional methods to advertise their web site. It is an important distinction to know that your web site is not an advertising medium. It is a delivery medium. It delivers information, education, email, and sales through an e-commerce method.

There are two highly recommended Audio Tapes entitled "Keys To Success" and "Web Site Promotion". Contact your Reseller for more information about purchasing these tapes.

 Search Engine Tools