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This book puts all of the foundational knowledge you need to build Web sites into one large volume. The first week of instruction covers the basics of the Web; introduces HTML; and presents simple text formatting, links, and image display. In the next seven days of instruction, the author teaches you about style sheets, frames, tables, and the use of multimedia elements. In the final week, Lemay takes you beyond the basics and into the world of Java, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting, and dynamic HTML (DHTML), including discussions of the differences between Netscape and Microsoft implementations.

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Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 Hours is not really a guide to the latest features of HTML 4, but rather a complete HTML tutorial that happens to include lessons on Dynamic HTML and style sheets. There are 24 lessons in all--with each taking about an hour, naturally. If you're looking for a quick and dirty way to learn the basics of Web page design and HTML right up to the latest tags and technologies, this book will certainly get you well on your way.

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With Looking Good On The Web you'll learn how to create friendly, easily navigable designs-winning Web sites that please clients and visitors alike. Written with a warm, engaging tone, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to Web design while focusing on the feel of your Web site. It speaks from the user's perspective, rather than dwelling on purely technical issues, which makes it perfect for beginners. If you are just getting started in Web design, this book will get you up and running fast.

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This book wastes no time in helping the reader get the most from Corel Draw 9. The book starts, on the inside front cover, with a quick reference legend pointing to tips and tricks, and the first four pages are a glossy tear-out section of keyboard shortcuts.
There are chapters covering what's new in this version, as well as how the interface works and the basics of using the program, but the book really shines when delving into more complex topics.

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This wonderful HTML book clearly defines the HTML language in its present form. By honing in on the daily realities of site design needs, the superfluous elements of the language are set aside, and real-world solutions are provided in a clear and concise fashion. You will learn which tools are best, how to code HTML, and the basic principles of Web publishing and graphic design. You will also learn how to take your sites into the next millennium with highly interactive and competitive technologies.

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Becoming a Web developer these days requires expertise in a variety of disparate languages and tools and usually requires a whole shelf of books. Core Web Programming delivers all you need to become a competent Web developer in one massive text. It covers HTML, Java, and JavaScript thoroughly with plenty of real-world programming examples.
The first part of the book covers HTML 3.2, including the basic tags and more advanced topics such as frames and cascading style sheets. This section discusses Netscape and Microsoft extensions to HTML.

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