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This Audio Cassette explains a story of an Area Manager with a rotten service problem. Until his golf-playing Good Fairy, Charlie, shows up and teaches him how to turn customers into Raving Fans. Charlie introduces business people who have employed a creative approach to service, each in turn revealing three particular secrets of service success.

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This world-renowned talent tells the listener simply and effectively how to master the steps to sales success, emphasizing the fact that if the buyer doesn't buy you as the seller, you won't be selling anything. Focusing on getting "yes" for an answer, giving presentations and demos, and building networks, Tom Hopkins shows how even a beginner can get results and becoming a selling champion in all areas of life.

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Teach Yourself Computers and the Internet 2nd Edition – Maran Graphics – IDG

This is an exceptional book which dives directly into computer basics and then leads right into the Internet. This book takes a hands on approach to help you learn useful computer and Internet skills.

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How the internet Works – Preston Gralla – Que

This is another colorful and well illustrated book from Que publishing. It uncovers the technology of the Internet in a basic straight forward format. It is easy to read with plenty of graphics to help enhance learning.

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How to use computers – Riow – Sams

This is a book that is perfect for someone who has very little or no computer experience. It is a step by step approach to the useful computer and Internet basics for the ultra novice.

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